Gig in De Burcht Leiden

Hans Brussee en Leon gaan samen onder de naam van Edgar's Hair een kleine set doen op zondag 20 november in de Burcht, burgstaag 14 Leiden.
Ook Birthmark zal een set ten gehore brengen.
Dus Zondagmiddag 14:00 uur even in je agenda zetten!

Czech Tour 2013!!

It's time for a verry nice trip to the Chzech Republic!! We will go there in the week of 19 february to do 5 gigs! We will start in Otovice and end in Česká Třebová. The gigs we will do are (also on the flyer):
- 19.2.2013 LA SAHULA Otovice 196
- 20.2.2013 Café V lese | Krymská 12 | Praha 10 | Vršovice |
- 21.2.2013 [árt té kafé] Mandala | Štefánikova 226 | Kopřivnice |
- 22.2.2013 klub Hudební Bazar | Nádražní 138a | Ostrava-Přívoz |
- 23.2.2013 Modrý Trpaslík (gig together with: ZRNI (ZRNI.CZ) Skalka 136 | Česká Třebová |

Gig in de Vinger Den Haag

We will play at "De Vinger" at the Hague on an evening with "De Drie Dieren" and DJ Wambam! It's on saturday the 5th of januari 2013. Check it out, we will play 5 new songs!!!

Info: Adress: Bagijnestraat 25, Den Haag

Gig at Hannah & Mariska

We are playing in Leiden at the Aalmarkt 14 on friday the 28th of september.


Gig Qubus Leiden

We will play at the Qubus in Leiden on a festival which is the 19th year birthday-party of Bar&Boos. We will play together with: DR. SCHNITT + HARD VOOR WEINIG. It's on saturday the 26th of may 2012. Be there or be square!!!

Gig for competition for Werfpop 2012

We will play in an competition in Leiden. The winner of this batle will play at the Werfpop Festival in de leidsche hout in Leiden. Site werfpop
The date for this gig is friday the 13th of april. It is at The Duke of OZ in Leiden time: 22.20 until 23.05, see you there!!!

Tour Edgar’s Hair Czech Republic 2012

We will do some gigs in the Czech Republic, starting 19 april 2012 untill 21 april 2012.

On saturday the 20th, we will play at:'


[ árt té kafé ]
Website Mandela

On sunday we will play at:

Club Marley

website club marley

Lucie is comming with us and is doing some bellydance and we have got a special guest.........Renee Stevense:
Our baseplayer Hennie Brussee cooldn't join us, so we have asked Leo Zwaan aka "Rotjeknorhitman" to take his place for the concerts in this tour.
Before the gigs and after "DJ Wambam" is going to make some noise.

[árt té kafé]  Mandala

21.10. 2011 at 20.00 o'clock we are playing at the [árt té kafé] Mandala in Kopřivnice

Hudební bazar Czech

22.10. 2011 at 20.00 o'clock we are playing at the music klub "Hudební bazar" in Ostrava
Hudební bazar

Jazz Café Club Evžen Czech

20 october 2011 at 20.00 o'clock we will play at the Jazz Café Club Evžen, street Beethovenova 2 in the city called Opava (a very cultural and nice city,a nice club as well)
Jazz Café Club Evžen

Strooikunst The Czech Republic

Whe are going to play at Strooikunst at vernerovice in The Czech Republic. Strooikunst is a creative project in Vernerovice, a small village in the northeast of Czech Republic. In the middle of a beautiful forest on a hill stands a church, the Strooikaas chapel. Creative workshops will be given in and around the church from monday May 2 th until Friday May 6th. Ages from 0 to 120 are welcome!


Where: Qbus in Leiden
Date: 10 march 2011


Soon we are going to play in..................... BOOK US in March 2011!!