Edgar's Hair is producing tripping, spherical and organic growing, rocking soundscapes.....

About Us

The members of I$I$, Oak and Rumbone, found each other in Edgar's Hair and the magic happened ....
Edgar's Hair is producing tripping, spherical and organic growing rocking sound-pieces like Soft Machine and King Crimson could. Also the legendary Chameleons from the eighties or instrumentalists Kong, Mogwai and Sigur Ross can be recognized in their sound.

This sound can be also described as nice soundscapes of guitarplayer/singer Hans Brussee and bassplayer Leo Zwaan all of this is held together by the sharp-edged drumsound of Leon van der Leer. The sound of the famous MoogTaurus has an important place in the music of Edgar’s Hair. The trio from Leiden / Rotterdam / Czech does live shows with an videoperformance and light’s: Heidi Hornáčková & Šimon Macek Novotný . For an impression of the used images and atmosphere visit our youtube channel for several clips.
In the past this band has played as a support-act with bands as Motorpsycho, the Sound and Barkmarket.

Jonathan's Dive

The vinyl double album 'Jonathan's Dive' is a 100-minute concept record based on Richard Bach's novel 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull', the famous fable about the seagull who is banned by his peers for wanting to make ying an art form. A symbol of the universal desire for unlimited freedom. The film adaption of the book, released in 1974, was famously adorned with a soundtrack by Neil Diamond. More than 40 years later, Dutch band Edgar's Hair (ex-I$I$, ex-Oak members) puts its own spin on it and transforms the story into a much darker and more erratic epic.

An analog musical adventure (filled) with ethnic acoustic sounds and a vibrant voice palette in multiple languages. An exploration into inner bleakness and a "higher plane of existence" that turns into a most magical aural trip.

A unique experience.

Visit Jonathansdive.nl


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Jonathan’s Dive Vinyl Tour 2018

Date Name club/theatre Place Country More info
8 februari Plato Leiden Leiden NL

We will play on this thursdaynight at 19:30 hr. For more info: http://recordstoreday.nl/storefinder/plato-leiden/

10 februari 33 45 Vinyl Records Leiden NL

We will play on saturdaynight at 16:00 hr. For more info: http://www.3345vinylrecords.nl


Edgar's Hair 

Fuchsiadal 25
2317HR Leiden
The Netherlands

Phone: (+0031)6 12511717 (Leon) or (+0031)6 52342127 (Hans)
Email: edgar@edgarshair.com

Order it at: clearspot
Or at bandcamp: edgarshair.bandcamp.com
listen it at Soundcloud